VH1's Sorority Sisters Reality Show Gets Two Sisters Booted From AKA


Following their appearance on VHI’s much critiqued Sorority Sisters reality show, two members of the African-American sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha have been suspended for a year and a half. This never happened on MTV’s Sorority Life—Go UCDavis!—or did it?

As The Root notes, AKA lists both expelled and suspended members on their national website, and Sorority Sisters April McRae and Joy Hammond made the cut, to be listed as ne’er-do-wells until July 2016.

In December, the black sorority (along with Delta Sigma Theta) also made national news for prohibiting their members from wearing their organization’s letters while protesting in the Black Lives Matter movement—and then, after receiving some attention, changing their tune. Delta still won’t allow members to wear letters while marching and hasn’t addressed the issue any further, but this reality show thing? Oh, they’re all over that. Both organizations are united against Sorority Sisters, though Delta has yet to suspend or ban any members on the reality show.

McRae spoke to The Root about how she was sold on the show as a platform to attract more eyeballs to her business—the lies we tell ourselves, amirite?—instead she’s getting death threats on social media for what many feel is a misrepresentation of their sorority. Thankfully McRae says she lives in a “high-rise with security” but seriously? Guys, it’s a reality show. It definitely sucks, as do many reality TV shows, but is it really worth sending death threats? The Anti-VH1 mafia shouldn’t use the same tactics as deranged pro-lifers.

Image via VH1.

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