Vice President Biden Gently Nuzzles Biker Lady's Ear, For Freedom


What did you do this weekend? I went out one night, I stayed in one night, I watched all of Season 2 of Portlandia, made some peach cobbler, and even had an impromptu dance party at a colleague’s house. But the highlight of a pretty stellar weekend was staring at this picture of Joe Biden nuzzling a biker woman’s ear as she sits on his lap.

The Cheshire Cat grinning Veep had the snap taken while he was on a campaign stop at a Cruisers Diner in a town called — wait for it — Seaman, Ohio. He was there making the case both for the President and for his personal brand of awesome weirdness.

According to Fox News, Biden kicked off his visit by stopping at the counter and asking if he could borrow someone’s motorcycle because he doesn’t get to ride much anymore. They were all hahaha no, because even though he’s the Vice President, the last thing you want to do with your motorcycle is let some old guy you don’t know ride it around. Following that awkwardness, Uncle Joe proceeded to interact with the commoners, a few members of a biker club that happened to be hanging out. Per Fox,

AP photographer Carolyn Kaster snapped a photo of the Biden sitting with a group of bikers called the “Shaddowmen” — one of the members, a female biker, sat on the vice president’s lap.
“I know who runs the show,” Biden was said to have joked, although no editorial reporters were present to witness the account.

The best part of the picture is how unamused the biker dudes look. Maybe Biden should have let them sit on his lap.


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