Victoria Beckham's Dresses Are Designed For Women Like Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2011 collection is filled with super cute party dresses that clearly take inspiration from the singer/designer’s days as a pop star in the late 90s. Almost everything is short, shiny, and a lot of fun.

I’m sure I’m one of the people that would get on Victoria Beckham’s nerves, as I just kept thinking of obnoxious Spice Girls-related captions for her clothes, like, “Shop right now, thank you very much!” I’ll spare you the rest of them.

Though this model’s expression doesn’t exactly scream “Party time, excellent,” most of the dresses in the collection just seem like a lot of fun.

There were a few longer pieces in the collection, as well.

If you pair this with butterfly clips and body glitter, I’m pretty sure you’ll have the exact same outfit at least 3 girls wore to my junior prom.

I think it’s hard to pull off shiny fabrics without looking like a member of N’Sync circa 1998, but I guess they’re back, as we saw them in Alexander Wang’s collection earlier today. Also, the color of this dress is gorgeous.

“What the hell is that?” “A dress!” “Says who?” “Calvin Klein!”

There’s certainly a personal touch about the collection—as I said about JWoww’s Filthy Couture collection a few months back, you can totally see the designer wearing these clothes. You’d see this dress on any other runway and think, “Victoria Beckham would totally wear that.” But would you?

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