Victoria's Secret Is That They Are Bad and Also That They Are Horrible

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Victoria's Secret Is That They Are Bad and Also That They Are Horrible
Les Wexner and Ed Razek Image: (Getty)

At this point it largely goes without saying, but it also always bears repeating, Victoria’s Secret is the absolute fucking worst.

While the laundry list of egregious behavior, starting at the very top of the company and spreading its way throughout the entirety of the brand like expired milk being streamed into a latte made from sexism, fatphobia, transphobia, and espresso beans that are actually little rabbit poops, is basically endless, here’s a brief refresher of some of their more recent evils.

Former executive Ed Razek said trans and plus-sized models aren’t welcome in the VS Fashion Show, VS CEO Leslie Wexner was accused of facilitating sexual assault, and the company itself was accused of ripping off indie designers. And that was just last year.

All of this culminated in Razek stepping down, Wexner allegedly planning to step down, and, of course, the end of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.

I’d thought, perhaps, that all that bad that could be done was done and that we’d get to watch in relative silence as their storefronts shuttered and became home for Taco Bell Cantinas we’d one day get to sit in in the mall and go, ‘huh, isn’t this where that Victoria’s secret used to be?’

Unfortunately, that’s not the case, because according to a new report from The New York Times, things inside the company were much, much worse than we’d imagined.

In addition to being a total dick bag in interviews, former exec Ed Razek also allegedly harassed models behind the scenes and over email. While sitting in on a fitting for Bella Hadid he commented on her “perfect titties,” and apparently sent model Andi Muise suggestive emails, at one point telling her “I need someplace sexy to take you!” It’s not the kind of email someone should ever receive from their boss.

Naturally, Razek has denied the allegations and said they are “categorically untrue.” There are also other claims made in the report, like that Razek’s son allegedly harassed a female colleague and was subsequently transferred from Victoria’s Secret to Bath & Body Works. While it’s unclear what if anything will result from these new allegations, I wouldn’t be surprised to find every mall retailer involved in this story somehow. I do hope at least that Auntie Anne’s will remain a safe space. [Page Six]

It’s been a big weekend for apologies. It kicked off with Rashida Tlaib apologizing for booing Hillary Clinton, and it’s only progressed from there.

On Friday both Terry Crews and Nikki Glaser asked for atonement for their prior transgressions, over Twitter and Instagram respectively.

Crews, for his apology, was expressing regret for the way he handled Gabrielle Union’s criticisms of America’s Got Talent after she said she experienced both sexism and racism on the set of the show. “I want you to know it was never my intention to invalidate your experience — but that is what I did,” Crews Tweeted.

After initially dismissing Union’s complaints against AGT, Crews doubled down in a now-deleted Tweet claiming that his wife was the only woman he needed to please. Apparently someone was able to explain to him that pleasing your wife and supporting and believing other women are not mutually exclusive. [Page Six]

Over on Instagram, Glaser was posting about her regret for comments she made regarding Taylor Swift’s weight in an interview five years ago, which made their way into Swift’s new documentary Miss Americana.

“I really have no need to post this other than to apologize to someone who seriously means SO much to me.” Glaser wrote, “I only got a couple death threats from die-hard Swift fans, which as one myself, I totally get.”

While Union has yet to respond to Crews’ statements, Swift took to Instagram to respond to Glaser and say that things are all copacetic between them.

“Wow. I appreciate this so much” Swift wrote, before later saying she was sending Glaser “a massive hug.”

And just like that, I can rest easy on Sunday again. [Page Six]

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