Vivienne Westwood, for the Demented Disowned Royal Heiress in You


Didn’t we just see a demented Vivienne Westwood show, in London? Why yes, we did. But this is her Paris collection, a fancier, even more fucked up Spring 2013 collection: Mad queens with powdered faces and lopsided crowns, jewel-encrusted dresses with raw edges, burlap turbans, ballgowns worn with short shorts. You know, the usual.

The naughty princess, the crazed queen.

World travelers or country conquerors?

There were hearts painted on models’ faces, sometimes for an unsettling effect.

Red Riding Hood revisited.

That number on the right — intentionally “dirty” — is so Derelicte.

Ballgowns for everyone.

Casual, for daytime.

Everyone needs a bejeweled turban.

Is that a sweater dress cobbled together from sweaters?

Big shoulders, ladylike purse.

A riot of colors and patterns.

Some of these have that Scarlett O’Hara, just-took-down-the-curtains feel.

Giant comb?

Party pumps.

Marie Antoinette goes to a Ziggy show.


That thing on the right actually has strings hanging from the fabric.


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