Wait, Armie Hammer Was Engaged to a Woman Who’s ‘Super Interested’ in Psychopaths?

“It’s with a reflective heart that I announce the end of my journey with Armie," wrote the 29-year-old woman who was apparently recently engaged to the actor.

Wait, Armie Hammer Was Engaged to a Woman Who’s ‘Super Interested’ in Psychopaths?
Photo:DFree, Marina Gris (Shutterstock)

Armie Hammer was engaged. I wasn’t aware of this, however, until I learned that he no longer was.

On Thursday, a woman named Marina Gris announced via her Instagram story that her “journey with Armie” has reached its end. Armie, according to multiple outlets, is none other than Armie Hammer—not some other guy named Armie.

Now, if you’re like me, you have some (read: several) questions. Firstly, how the hell did no one know Armie Hammer—in essence, a tabloid magnet—was engaged to a 29-year-old woman who, according to her Twitter bio, hails from Prague? Short answer: Who knows? Obviously, he’s been getting around between selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands, getting tribal tattoos, and returning to Instagram though. Perhaps he spent some time in Prague too?

Where exactly The Call Me By Your Name star and accused sexual abuser met Gris and how they managed a serious relationship, too, remain a complete mystery. A quick perusal of Gris’ Instagram account shows a series of lavish bouquets with romantic captions in gratitude (one of which features a comment from the man himself), a post of what looks to be her engagement ring along with Hammer, and—disturbingly—a lot of guns. The latter aside, the photos of the flowers started in September, and the diamond band was posted in October, so, one could only assume this wasn’t a long engagement or courtship.

Screenshot:Marina Gris Instagram

“I am aware of the conversations and stories circulating around about him,” Gris wrote of the breakup on her Instagram stories, acknowledging the plethora of particularly upsetting accusations against him from former partners. These, of course, ranged from a cannibalism fetish to sexual assault—all of which he denied. “It’s important for me to state that my personal experiences with Armie were positive and in no way reflective of these allegations. I speak only from my perspective and my experiences and am not responsible for any of his past, current, and future relationships.”

Gris then goes on to call him a “gentleman in every sense of the word,” and their relationship was one in which she felt “deeply appreciated, supported, loved and understood” before concluding: “Be happy, shawty.” OK!

Her Twitter, too, boasts some rather notable details about her, including an interest in psychopaths. And because it would simply be too easy to draw parallels, she spoke highly of Hammer’s character on that platform too.

According to Gris’ post, their secret engagement ended a month ago which does make sense because in December, Hammer posted the following on Instagram: “This is the spirit of true awakening. It was all about letting go of everything. Things falling apart is a kind of testing and also a kind of healing.”

Well, my condolences I guess?

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