Want to Birth a Baby Einstein? Chug Some Iodine


A new study from Bristol and Surrey universities found that pregnant women who consumed lower amounts of iodine were more likely to have children with lower IQs and reading abilities. Which, of course, means they would love their stupid baby less. (JK) (But really, we can’t be sure.)

The study, conducted on more than 1,000 pregnant women, found that iodine is essential in development of the foetal brain. Unfortunately, two thirds of the 1,040 pregnant women they tested were iodine deficient. Those poor, poor women and their dumb, dumb fetuses.

Professor Margaret Rayman of the University of Surrey, who led the study, said: “Our results clearly show the importance of adequate iodine status during early pregnancy, and emphasise the risk that iodine deficiency can pose to the developing infant, even in a country classified as only mildly iodine deficient.”

Researchers advised that the best way to get that iodine was by consuming more milk, dairy products, and fish — just make sure to watch out for that Mercury! Man, being pregnant sounds so easy and fun, and not at all full of contradictions.

Of course, next week we’ll probably learn that taking iodine will turn your baby into Ruprecht. Yay, science!


Image via Sunny studio-Igor Yaruta/Shutterstock.

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