Warning: Dogs Are Stealing Our Jobs


Apparently the whole “I’m so dumb I eat my own puke” routine is all an elaborate ruse. Inspired by Elias, a contestant at the Westminster Dog Show whose day job involves sniffing out foods that contain gluten to protect those with celiac disease, Newsweek has compiled a list of the ways dogs are taking over positions once reserved for human workers.

We’ve all heard of dogs who use their superior sense of smell to uncover bedbugs or bombs and Newsweek notes more dogs are becoming reality TV stars (though obviously this isn’t a new trend, since Lassie achieved canine celebrity in the days of black and white TV). However, you may not be aware that some dogs are helping scientists track endangered species, like a Rottweiler named Fargo who worked on a boat looking for right whales. Man’s best friend is also taking on the highly-coveted job of sniffing human stool samples in labs to identify colorectal and bowel cancer.

Though we’re thankful to Newsweek for alerting us to this troubling issue, for now it seems working canines are valued mainly for their noses. So if your career aspirations don’t involve taking a whiff of other species’ butt’s, your job is probably safe — for now.

Are Dogs Stealing Our Jobs [Newsweek]

Image via Susan Schmitz/Shutterstock.

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