Watch a New Trailer for The Canyons and Revel in the Sleaze


If you’re one of those European-types that showers in the Post Meridian and are still feeling exceptionally grimy after having your blithe weekend soul soiled by yet another degrading Monday spent earning a living in our insidiously capitalistic economy, now would be the perfect time to take a gander at another teaser for the Lindsay Lohan return-to-prominence vehicle, The Canyons. Note the grindhouse aesthetic (ooooh! edgy!), which pairs well with the fact that “big” new talent James Deen will be in this movie, sans shirt, and maybe sans pants. Anything can happen in a B-movie, but odds are that the trailer is just a way to impress on us the general exploitativeness that is the L.A. movie industry.

via Vulture

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