Watch Bernie Sanders Try To Nae Nae His Way To the Hearts of the Youth of America


On Wednesday afternoon, everyone’s favorite grouchy grandfather Bernie Sanders trudged onto the stage of Ellen, for a segment in which he attempted to appeal to voting ineligible children and their mothers.

According to the Washington Post, Degeneres teed up a number of opportunities for Sanders to demonstrate his humor:

He danced again — or, at least, tried — on the out, still clapping off the beat. Although it was clear his nature always led him back toward the stern and serious, he did try to get in his jokes when the opportunities presented themselves.
When asked if he had ever been in handcuffs, he responded with, “I don’t know exactly what you mean by that,” he said, drawing a huge laugh.
But then he began the serious explanation. “I take it to mean was I ever arrested by the police,” he said, and the guffaws subsided.

During the spot, Degeneres reportedly got him to dance poorly (see above), identify his favorite member of One Direction (“maybe Harry”), note his preference for briefs over boxers, name his Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor (“Bern, Bernie, Bern”) and reveal his favorite karaoke song, which he couldn’t remember the name of and refused to sing, but managed to identify that it was from Saturday Night Fever.

“You know how it goes,” he said. “John Travolta, walking down the street.”

Degeneres finally realized what he was talking about: “Stayin’ Alive.”

The interview will air Thursday afternoon.

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