Watch Dr. Phil's Horrifying Interview With Bobbi Kristina's Boyfriend


Nick Gordon, who’s been described as Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, sat down with Dr. Phil for a disturbing interview that aired Wednesday during which he appeared inebriated and broken down while trying to talk through his depression.

According to Dr. Phil, Gordon initially approached him to do an interview because he was “being vilified” in the press and wanted to tell his side of the story.

Before bringing him out, Dr. Phil had a one-on-one with Gordon’s mom Michelle about how he’s been holding up in the wake of Bobbi Kristina’s critical condition. The interview is spliced with shots of Gordon in a room, crying and saying, “I miss Krissy.” He’s been in the building screaming that he wants to die.

Michelle tells Dr. Phil, “He has said to me many times that he is going to kill himself and he’s tried [by] taking pills.” The whole thing is pretty awful to watch. There’s a weird moment where Michelle claims that Whitney brought Nick and Bobbi Kristina to rehab with her on three occasions.

“I believe Whitney wanted to keep them all together as a family so she took Nicholas,” says Michelle. “Everywhere her and Krissy went, Nick went. They never separated. They were always together.”

Dr. Phil responds, “I’ve never heard of anybody taking a posse to rehab.” Meanwhile, Gordon is upset that he can’t see Bobbi Kristina in the hospital.

Michelle: “It’s her father [Bobby Brown]. His pride and selfishness. He won’t let Nicholas see Krissy because of his pride and his feelings towards Nick.”
Dr. Phil: “Do you think the family believes that Nick hurt her?”
Michelle: “I don’t believe the Houston side believes that. I don’t know about the Browns. My son would never try and hurt Krissy. I don’t care what they think. My son would never hurt anyone.”

The family is clearly divided. Later in the interview, Gordon tells Dr. Phil, “I hate Bobby Brown!”

Why is this awfulness being filmed? And why is Dr. Phil interviewing an inebriated person? The motives here are questionable, though it’s clear Gordon needs serious help.

Dr. Phil wants Gordon to agree to go to inpatient treatment center for his depression, alcoholism, etc. He finds Gordon in the hotel where the interview is being conducted; in the elevator, Dr. Phil asks him how he feels (this is in the clip above). Gordon says:

“I feel like… I miss Krissy and Whitney. Please don’t put this on TV…me crying, me being weak.”

Gordon sees his mom and runs toward her:

“Mom, I would never hurt anybody. I love people. I love babies. Everything!”

Gordon rolls up his sleeves in preparation. He’s out of it and slurring his words:

“You’re gonna ask… I’ve been drinking. I have been doing Xanax… I’ve been sober besides that.”

I’m not really sure what anyone learned from the interaction between Gordon, his mom and Dr. Phil because Gordon was out of it the whole time.

Toward the end of the interview, Dr Phil asks him, “Do you agree that you’re very depressed?” He says, “Yes.”

Gordon says while crying, “I’m gonna seem so weak in front of the world. I want them back, that’s the only thing. I want them back, that’s the only thing.”

According to TMZ, Gordon followed through with rehab after the taping. Here’s another clip of Gordon telling Dr. Phil, in reference to Whitney and Bobbi Kristina, “I wanna let all you guys know, I did everything possible in the world to protect them, even though we did, like, everything.”

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