Watch Girl Scouts Steal Obama's Heart at the White House Science Fair


It’s the most adorable time of the year: the White House Science Fair, when the nation gets to watch President Obama interact with charming, science-minded children.

NBC News reports that a group of cape-clad Girl Scouts from Tulsa, Oklahoma stood out this year, with their page-turning robot made of Legos. Obama very much enjoyed hearing six-year-olds talk tech: “This is a quote. They said, ‘It’s just a prototype,'” he told reporters afterward. Watch this presidential group hug and die of cute overload:

From another angle:


But of course there were hordes more precocious, talented kids at the fair. You can see all the photos here; apparently there was a hiccup-curing lollipop on display, too. But the president noticed the robots made a strong showing in particular: “The robots I see keep getting smarter every year,” he said. “We are keeping an eye on that, by the way. You’re on notice, Skynet.”

Is Obama available for babysitting after 2016?

Photos via the White House.

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