Watch Rihanna Wake Up Jimmy Kimmel the Only Way Rihanna Knows How


This is described as a prank, but watch Rihanna wake Jimmy Kimmel up, and you’ll see that to the rest of us, it’s a beautiful dream.

I mean he is just way too chill—even for someone who is half-asleep—while experiencing his own personal Rihanna concert of her newest single. There is money FLYING IN THE AIR and Jimmy’s just like, ugh, I have my shirt off.

Apparently pranking is a thing Rih is into; here, she describes pranking members of her band when she’s on tour, which basically sounds like she’s torturing them.

Lastly, if your sexual fantasies involve seeing Rihanna and Jimmy do the Twizzler challenge (though I’m not sure why they would), here’s that.


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