Watch Salma Hayek Go Off On Rich Assholes In the Wonderful Trailer For Beatriz at Dinner


Beatriz at Dinner, the new dark comedy from writer Mike White and director Miguel Arteta, finally has a trailer, and it looks even more delicious than I expected. The film follows Beatriz (Salma Hayek, who has already received raves for her performance), a Mexican immigrant and “healer,” as she spends an evening at a dinner party hosted by a wealthy client and friend (Connie Britton).

Beatriz manages to hold her own as she mingles with the other guests (Transparent’s Amy Landecker and Jay Duplass among them), but tensions rise as she begins to interact with a nasty and condescending billionaire played by John Lithgow. He presumes she’s “part of the help,” questions her legal status, and criticizes her profession—spewing dig after dig after dig that will (I presume) lead to a dramatic showdown. Knowing the work of White and Arteta, who (along with Laura Dern) are responsible for HBO’s brilliant Enlightened, I’m not expecting fireworks, but rather something a little sneakier (and emotionally draining).

“I think fate brought us together,” Hayak says to Lithgow towards the end of the trailer.

“For what?” Lithgow responds.

“I don’t know. Revenge, maybe?”

God, I can’t wait. Beatriz at Dinner strolls into theaters this June.

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