Watch Some Down Ass Grandmas Smoke Weed for the First Time

You won’t believe what happens when these nanas start puffing, puffing and passing. (Okay, you totally will.) (Spoiler alert: No one gets a panic attack, but these grannies can’t stop laughing. It’s just that weed is so so fun!)

If you’re a fan of either weed or grandmas, you’re going to find this video pretty delightful. If you’re not a fan of either (my grandmas are mean, weed lands me in the hospital because I have a heart attack and a brain aneurysm every time), you’re still going to find this video delightful. Why? Because it’s some ladies trying something they’ve never tried before and because if the media is right about anything, watching older people do things that younger people are generally known for (like taking huge rips off a big old bong — do I have the lingo right?) is generally hilarious. Especially when Betty White does it.

Another major spoiler alert: The ladies love the weed, laughing, and Cards Against Humanity. “This could be dangerous,” one of them remarks. I mean, yeah, sure, if you count laughing a lot dangerous. Death doesn’t happen until you have like five, six marijuanas. Until then, it’s all just fun and games. (Or, you know, a panic attack and a ride in an ambulance. Those rides, by the way cost $1000 and are not free like I thought.)

H/T: Uproxx

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