Watch the Ever-Dapper Idris Elba Take the Ice Bucket Challenge


Last night, Jimmy Kimmel hosted the baron of your heart Idris Elba. Who the hell cares what they talked about? Let’s just watch some grown-ass men dump icey water on the man of your dreams. For charity!

Before the deed was done, Elba nominated Bradley Cooper, No Good Deed costar Taraji P. Henson and Prince Harry. Honestly I feel bad, but the videos are getting a bit tiresome, though $88.5 million raised is obviously an incredible feat. But then, every single time I think to myself ‘So help me god, the next time I see an Ice Bucket video…” someone like Benedict or Idris comes along and then my heart grows three sizes or whatever.

So I guess as long as hunky dudes keep pouring water over themselves and donating, then who am I to complain? CHARITY!

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