Watch These Clueless Kids at Coachella Lie About Liking Fake Bands


It’s Coachella o’clock! Which means, of course, that a bunch of nervous, entitled white children in macrame shirts are pooping in buckets in a desert somewhere (if one of their poops casts a shadow, then it means six more weeks of war bonnets!). And also Moby is there! It’s weird!

Jimmy Kimmel & co. stopped by Coachella and asked festival-goers about all of the hottest new buzz bands. Except that all of the bands they asked about are made up. But since there’s nothing more embarrassing than saying, “I don’t know what that is” when someone just said the words “DJ CORNMEAL” to your actual face, all the kids lie their asses off.

It is equal parts hella mean and FUCKING AWESOME.

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