Wave a Teary Goodbye to Jared Leto's Jesus Beard


Academy Award-winning actor (TM) Jared Leto was, perhaps, tired of the Jesus memes about his facial hair and luxurious mane, but he’s been warning us this day would come. On Oscar night, he told Entertainment Tonight, “This is the last night you’ll see me with long hair. This is my going away party for my hair.”

Our worst fears have come to pass: David Ayer, director of forthcoming DC Comics vehicle Suicide Squad, tweeted an artful (some might say Mapplethorpian!) photograph of Jared’s sensuous face and neck, unhindered by hair: that is 100% pure Leto skin, babies. The lion hair is also clipped and, perhaps, wet, as fresh as a morning dew. He’s playing The Joker, who historically (though not always!) has shorter hair. He is still Jared Leto, but it’s not the same. Now, if we saw him on the street, would we recognize him? Probably not. Farewell, young Leto, and goodbye to Jesus.

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