We All Know Christine Quinn Purposely Missed the ‘Selling Sunset’ Reunion

Fellow cast member Chrishell Stause called out her Netflix nemesis for lying about her covid-positive status.

We All Know Christine Quinn Purposely Missed the ‘Selling Sunset’ Reunion
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Season 5 of Selling Sunset brings the drama that only a reality TV show about designer-clad women battling it out for fame and fortune can muster. From negotiating high-stakes deals with absurdly wealthy clients to hosting tension-filled get-togethers, these women often give us less of the professional intrigue and more of the…well, personal attacks on each other.

And the hits just keep on comin’ with the latest swing from Chrishell Stause. It’s no secret that Stause and the resident pariah of the Oppenheim Group, Christine Quinn, despite each other. Quinn has been positioned as the villain for the last two seasons of the show, so it’s clear whom we’re supposed to be rooting for. It’s hard to imagine how Selling Sunset could survive without the real-life Barbie doll strutting around to the beat of her own (very loud) drum—but we finally might see how that would work, thanks to Quinn being a no-show at the first-ever reunion show.

The embattled real estate pro, who manages to get under the skin of literally everyone she encountersincluding by allegedly bribing clients to work with her instead of rival costar Emma Hernan—slipped out of the reunion show by claiming she tested positive for covid. Stause claims that’s all bullshit.

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On Wednesday, Stause tweeted out a response to a TMZ report citing Quinn’s covid claims: “The lie detector test determined that was a lie,” she said, bluntly.

After watching the entire fifth season, it’s not hard to figure out why Quinn would opt out of hanging with a group of testy women who openly loathe her (rightfully so, I might add). At this point, the title of the show should just be Everybody Hates Christine.

It’s anybody’s guess what the future holds for Quinn and whether or not she’ll come back for another season of screaming matches and nonstop pettiness. Her future at the Oppenheim Group is clearly in jeopardy, but she’s also, in my opinion, the tinder that keeps the fire of Selling Sunset burning brightly. So here I am, banging my fists on the table, demanding that the show do everything it can to keep our favorite drama Barbie on board.

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