Weiner's Last Stand Marked By Smart-Ass Hecklers


No one could quite understand why Anthony Weiner needed another interlude on television to say what everyone already knew: He is resigning from his Congressional seat.

This time, he did not take questions, but he did subject himself to the circus of the press and the hecklers (or maybe one heckler, plausibly from the Howard Stern show) who shouted, “Will you maintain your hard-on?” and “Are you more than seven inches?” More shouting followed that man’s shouts.

This could have been predicted; in fact, it was a repeat of his last outing. But the man who was unable to stay away from the cameras seemed to want a last measure of undivided attention. He used it to talk about his constituents and his district — overshadowed both by his national pontificating and his Twitter/Facebook/email scandal — and to position himself as a proud member of New York’s middle class. “The middle class story of New York is my story and I’m very proud of that,” he said.

He mentioned his wife, Huma Abedin, twice, and said that she “stood with me” throughout it all. She did not, however, appear with him. But here‘s the first call for her to run for his seat.

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