Weiner's Sexting Partner Sydney Leathers Exposes Another Kinky Lawmaker


Sydney Leathers, the woman who Anthony Weiner was caught sexting while running for office, has exposed another one of her high-profile paramours. According to Leathers she had no idea that a man she called “Bitch Boy” was a lawmaker until he started sending her expensive gifts from Amazon.

Page Six reports that Leathers has not yet revealed the man’s name, but wants people to know that he’s a state legislator in the midwest, a democrat and someone who wants to be financially dominated. She’s never met him in person, all their business is conducted through text, and says that he was very careful about sending her money but messed up big-time when he didn’t realize that his name was plastered all over the shoes and lingerie he was mailing her.

Page Six has published a snippet of the conversations that Leathers and Bitch Boy had and, to be honest, if this is all it takes to get shoes and lingerie off Amazon, I would like to sign up. There are a couple of video games and fancy yarns I’ve been wanting.


Bitch Boy: “I am your property to do with as you wish, Mistress.”
Sydney: “Yes, because you are weak and pathetic and useless.”

I could do that in my sleep! And it’s likely that Leathers might be getting a payday due to the fact that she’s gone to the media about this. Leathers says she didn’t choose Bitch Boy and that politicians must just be “picking up her pheromones.”

From Page six:

“This guy is into some really freaky stuff,” Leathers said. “He liked the idea of buying me a strap-on to use on him. He wanted to be forced to wear a French maid outfit and clean my house while I degraded him. He wanted to be tied up and left in a closet to watch me have sex with my boyfriend.”

Leathers doesn’t want the politician to lose his job, but is really, really sad he isn’t a republican. I don’t know why this is a thing, but there it is. Considering the variability of human sexual preference, shouldn’t it be just as likely that a democrat who’s into his sexuality be as freaky as a republican fighting his urges? I don’t even know why I’m arguing this. Or why Leathers has gone to the press. But she’s here! Expect more!

Image via AP

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