Well-Dressed Met Gala Attendees To Be Stuck In Traffic Tonight


A perfect storm of rich, powerful, and well-dressed people attending two high-profile events I wasn’t invited to will make traffic in Manhattan a mess this afternoon. Page Six is reporting that Vogue has warned attendees of tonight’s Met Gala that “traffic will be heavy because the President will be in town [for a fundraiser],” and that they should “leave ample time” to make the trip.

The Met Gala (officially called the Costume Institute Gala) is an annual fundraiser held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art for which celebrities pay $25,000 to be photographed in expensive clothes, get advice from Reese Witherspoon, and fight in elevators. After-parties to be hosted by people like Marissa Mayer and Rihanna promise to make Manhattan traffic a nightmare for the bulk of the evening.

Whether it’s sudden breakdowns of our mass transit systems, routine service changes, or limousines filled with rich people dressed in weird clothes, New Yorkers always have a reason for being late.

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