Wendy Williams Freaked Out By Costumed Audience Members on Halloween


Halloween works! On Thursday’s Halloween-themed episode of The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy Williams was apparently scared enough by her festive, costumed audience member to take time out to ensure the crowd had been properly vetted by security. It seems that a zombie mask is what did her in?

You can watch Williams, who dressed as a circus ringmaster this year, become distracted while discussing Kenya Moore in the clip above. Assuming she has some sort of monitor within her eye line of the show’s feed, she stopped after a brief shot of someone in a mask of a decaying head. “What was that?” asked Wendy. “Okay, James…” she said, summoning security as the camera cut back with a slow zoom on the zombie, as if to say, “Your move.” It’s seven hilarious seconds worth isolating:

I want to watch this forever on a loop. The scary costume, it was just too scary!

After confirming her audience was vetted and ID’ed, Wendy said, “This is a very particular day, and I’m a very particular person, and I know there would be a lot of people who’d want to just slide in here and stare with hate from close.” It makes perfect sense to think that haters are the scariest aspect of Halloween in this day and age.

Then she told the crowd, “Look, if anyone acts crazy, let’s jump ’em.” People loved this. Violence and destruction is the reason for the season. Happy Halloween.

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