We're Calling It Now: 5SOS Has the Song of the Summer


The song of the summer isn’t by Pink or Rihanna or Rita Ora. No, it’s by an Australian band actually named 5 Seconds of Summer, a name that does not guarantee their summertime success but certainly doesn’t hurt their chances. Still confused? For those of you who don’t regularly follow the rise and fall of lesser boy bands, here’s an explainer.

So what’s the song?

It’s 5 Seconds to Summer’s first single, “She Looks So Perfect,” the video for which was actually released in February. The song itself isn’t new, no, but the band’s EP She Looks So Perfect debuted at number 2 on the Billboard charts this week, beaten only by the soundtrack to Frozen. And so it begins.

What is 5 Seconds of Summer’s origin story?

5 Seconds of Summer formed in 2011 in Sydney, Australia, presumably during the heat of summer. After posting some covers of pop songs on YouTube, the band started to get a lot of attention in Australia and, due to the magic of the internet, quickly amassed a digital following around the world.

How did they get famous?

They got a deal with Sony ATV in 2012 and then released two EPs. Their big break was when they opened for One Direction on their tour in 2013, after Louis found them on YouTube. [Ed. Note: Of course it was Louis who found them on YouTube.] At the end of the year they signed with Capitol Records. They will be joining the boys of One Direction on their next world tour this summer as well.

So they’re like One Direction?

In that they like to joke around a lot and are not from America, yes.

What does their music sound like?

A little Simple Plan, a little Jimmy Eat World, a little Blink-182. A little pop.

What should I call them?

5SOS works.

Are they a boy band?

Technically, no. They play their own music and don’t choreograph dances and they want you to know that they make rock music. But actually, yes, all signs point to being a boy band.

Who is in 5 Seconds of Summer?

5SOS consists of four members: Luke Hemmings (17) on lead vocals and guitar, Michael Clifford (18) on guitar and vocals aka Mikey, Calum Hood (18) on bass and vocals and Ashton Irwin (19) on drums and vocals.

Sub question: Which of them is the cutest?

Disclaimer: Since the one member of the band is underage, according to laws here in the United States of America, the following is merely observational and on no level reflects a sexual interest held by any member of the Jezebel staff for Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer.

Luke (Cancer)

According to the Twitter account 5SOS Facts via Tumblr, “Luke says he is the most responsble [sic] out of the band, and always takes things more seriously.” He enjoys having “intimate” video chat sessions with his fans. He likes pizza. In 2012 he said the youngest girl he would date would be 13 and he would date a fan 2 years younger than him. He has a lip ring and he enjoys making the same face with over and over again in pictures. His Twitter bio is “im in a band, we do weird shit sometimes.”

Michael (Scorpio)

A bad boy who is always sticking his tongue out, Instagramming photos with sexual content and dying his hair different colors, Mikey’s favorite pickup line is “Nice shoes, lets fuck.” In case this was up for debate, he is reportedly very into The Ladies. He has an eight-inch penis (according to him) and is really wise on Twitter.

Calum (Aquarius)

The band’s one “ethnic” member, Calum is of Maori and Scottish heritage. He writes a good deal of the band’s songs, is very into Katy Perry and likes giving the thumbs up.

Ashton (Cancer)

Apparently blessed with a big set of hands, Ashton is into “Girls that are unique and beautiful in their own way,” his male celebrity crush is John Mayer and at one point he wanted the Nike logo as a tattoo on his foot. He seems very positive.

So wait, seriously, who is the cutest?

Calum, obviously.

Tell me about this song “She Looks So Perfect”

It’s really really really really really catchy. Notable lyrics include: “You look so good standing there/in my American Apparel underwear/and I know now/that I’m so down.” The video is also mesmerizing.

Is Luke’s age the reason they don’t take their pants off in the video?


Are all their earlier videos and songs as good as “She Looks So Perfect”?

Definitely not.

Image via 5 Seconds of Summer/Facebook

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