'We're Doing a Lady': It's the Tear-Filled Trailer for Season 2 of Queer Eye


In a few short months, Netflix’s reboot/reimagining of Queer Eye went from being perceived (by me) as a groan-worthy piece of dated nostalgia to a series I both cried during and watched in its entirety in a day. And while the show has its fair share of critics, Season 1 was a surprise hit for the streaming service, and the follow-up is set to premiere June 15.

Yes, maybe the show works best when it’s about queer people helping queer people. And yes, maybe there is still something frustrating about presenting gay men as magical, image-obsessed cherubs that can make you look fabulous in 72 hours. But for better or worse, the [new] Fab Five are just too charming for me to ignore. Who knows how much longer this will last before they all break off to do their own solo gigs? I’m going to enjoy it before Jonathan gets a talk show, Tan’s job as an A-list stylist takes over his life, Bobby realizes he’s over it, Karamo starts focusing on his family, and Antoni abandons society to live on an avocado farm.

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