We're Suckers For Random Celebrity Prom Pictures


We really do love old prom pictures, celebrity or otherwise. So this slideshow was like catnip. Some people — Faith Hill and Angela Bassett, anyone? — are eerily unchanged. Others are virtually unrecognizable. Below, a few of our favorites.

In a 1983 Freshman year photo, Faith Hill (Audrey Perry to her classmates) is at the age where the photos all look like grown-up women posing with their little brothers.

Shocker: Halle Berry is stunning.

Of course Britney was one of those Freshmen whom an upperclassman asks to the prom. In fairness, she was probably pretty busy after this.

Debra Messing, as a class-of-’86 senior, was kinda radiant in a mid-80s sort of way. As for her date, I feel really bad that this unfortunate “flinch shot” is not being disseminated throughout the web. Well, that’s what he gets for going out with a woman who’d one day be on a sitcom that would try to make “the gays” non-threatening to the real America.

Like Faith Hill, Angela Bassett is totally unchanged. And considering this was 1976, that’s quite something.

Fergie, somewhere between Kids, Incorporated and Wild Orchid.

Lizzie Caplan is who we’d have wanted to be friends with, somehow subverting the prom conventions but still looking totally cool and having the best time. 2000.

So I’m thinking this wasn’t, like, a prom or homecoming but something more specific — hence Courtney Cox’s somewhat rad 1980 jumper, rather than a gown.

Brooklyn Decker, 2005. Yeah, she’s really young.

This 1965 Paula Deen has got to be my favorite. And obviously her date is smitten.

Celebrity Prom Pics! Britney Spears, Sandra Bullock & More! (PHOTOS) [CelebBuzz]

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