Westworld Is Ready for the Revolution


It was a forgone conclusion that Delores (Evan Rachel Wood) was gearing up for mass revolt against the evil humans, but in “Absence of Field,” the third episode of Westworld’s third season, she states it explicitly, telling new friend Caleb Nichols (Aaron Paul) that she’s ready to enact a full-blown revolution and wants him to be by her side for it. Of course, she basically ruins his life first, informing him that Rehoboam—a real-life algorithm running out of a computer system encased in a giant eye— is controlling all humans’ futures, and has predicted that he is very likely to take his own life on a sad pier in 10-12 years. (Or is he a cyborg? He does have that army-issued implant in the roof of his mouth, a technology whose purpose seems dubious at best.)

“Absence of Field” was a fascinating episode, and Delores has clearly been making good use of her time off the Westworld island. We learn that Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) very likely croaked in the massacre, but fortunately, Delores crafted her a host double—which host is inhabiting her body, though, is a mystery for another episode—Teddy? Wyatt? Armistice? Clementine?—but Charlotte’s son Nathan is good motivation for getting back into predator mode after she murks out a pedophile and steals his dog for her son. We also learn that good ole Charo has been doing a little double-crossing, stealing Delos secrets and handing them over to Serac, who may or may not be an illusion, or just a bunch of AI manifesting in human form in order to make his (its?) own revolution. Shit is getting wild! The worst and best part about watching Westworld during self-isolation is its contribution to the vertigo one feels when stuck inside. Who’s to say any of this is real, man? Above, watch the latest episode of Westworld Conspiracy Corner, in which I talk to myself about Westworld from an actual corner, and try to hang on to whatever threads of reality still exist.

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