What Does 'Pulling A Gwyneth' Even Mean?


Internet aficionado imwithkanye noticed an overuse of the phrase “pulling a Gwyneth” and submitted his notion to Unnecessary Journalism Phrases, a tumblr blog created “to showcase linguistic crutches journalists employ.” The blog defines the new term as such:

Over the years, actress Gwyneth Paltrow has become a polarizing figure in the entertainment world. Doing a Google search of “pull a Gwyneth” it was not only shocking to see how many entries popped up, but also the varying definitions of the phrase. It could mean ‘switching careers, most notably from film to music’ or it could mean ‘to become successful in your craft and then disappear’ or it can even signify one’s deliberations on naming their child. While this may not be the typical unnecessary journalism phrase, based on the evidence below, it’s a trend that’s been happening for years.

Guilty parties listed include Yahoo, The Los Angeles Times, and the Philadelphia Weekly, among others. But what the hell does it actually refer to? I remember back in ye old 1990s when “Pulling a Gwyneth” meant wearing your hair so that it matches your boyfriend’s, but now does it mean to marry the singer from Coldplay? To make a video of yourself cooking a chicken? To work out with Tracy Anderson and look hot on the red carpet? To die in the first 20 minutes of a movie?

[Unnecessary Journalism Phrases]

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