What Happens When A Fireworks Display Goes Off All At Once


Ever wonder what it would look like if a crapload of fireworks were set off at one time? Well, one town in Scotland found out by accident. There was a technical problem at the beginning of their fireworks display and all of the colorful explosives, which were meant to be part of a 30 minute spectacle, went off in about a minute and a half! The result is a frenzy that looks like it was designed by a maniacal kid hopped up on Red Bull and Pop Rocks.
When the whole shebang was finished, one of the event’s organizers had to explain to the crowd—who didn’t know about the glitch and must have thought it was one hell of an opener—that the show was over sooner than expected. After so much excitement in one minute, they’ll probably never be able to sit through regular old fireworks again.

Oban Fireworks Fiasco [The Oban Times]

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