What New Year's Resolutions Will You Make (And Then Possibly Break Immediately) This Year?


When I was a kid, New Year’s resolutions were just kind of a fun thing we did. Nothing more, nothing less.

I would write things like “I will do my homework” or “I will be nice to people, even if they’re jerks” or other good little kid plans for the coming year. But for most adults, the annual list of resolutions can often feel a bit more like a list of the things you keep fucking up coupled with a promise that you will stop fucking those things up.

So I’m curious to know, do you make a list of resolutions every year? And if you do, is it akin to water torture or simply a thoughtful reminder to do better next year/a list of goals you’re excited to fully realize?

Bonus Round: I’m also curious to hear about the resolutions that you’ll make tonight and will almost certainly break by the end of the week. No judgment. Not here. Not for that.

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