What the Hell Did W Magazine Do to Bradley Cooper?


For their January issue devoted to the Best Performances of 2015 (well, movies that came out in 2014 but will get awards in 2015), W Magazine got 39 actors together and dressed them up.

One photo in particular stood out from the crop:

It reminds one of either this stunning Kobe Bryant spread or several Mikhail Baryshnikov images.

W describes the photoshoot thusly:

The photographer Tim Walker was influenced by the colorful, sun-drenched Los Angeles paintings and photographs of David Hockney, as well as the ’70s free-love aesthetic that informs the artist’s work. From there, the photographic scenarios took cues from Federico Fellini and, naturally, Walker’s own unique perspective. Remarkably, all the actors and actresses were excited to play, to be transformed, to embrace personae that were extreme, odd, and truly fascinating. Perhaps therein lies a message for Hollywood: History is safe, but surprise is thrilling. In 2015, please give these actors new worlds to conquer.

You can check out all the other “extreme, odd, and truly fascinating” photos of people like Reese Witherspoon, Ethan Hawke, Shailene Woodley, Emma Stone, Michael Keaton, Keira Knightley, Miles Teller, etc. at W.

Images via Tim Walker/W Magazine

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