What Were The Top Internet Memes of 2011?


The internet aficionados at Know Your Meme have named their top memes of 2011 in one handy video that features Nyan Cat, Occupy Wall Street, and the resurgence of My Little Pony. I was not satisfied.

Buzzfeed’s Top 40 of 2011 includes the somewhat glaring omissions of Feminist Ryan Gosling, Hipster Ariel, and star of the Royal Wedding, The Frowning Flower Girl. Ranker’s top 50 list reminds of Paula Deen Riding on Things, Hipster Cop, and the overused, ultra-douchey phrase popularized by Charlie Sheen — “Winning!” A few suggestions of my own? Ugly Renaissance Babies, Kitty Album Covers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses. What a year it was. And for the love of god, please tell us who favorite silly internet meme of the year was by leaving plenty of examples in the comments.

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