What’s Everyone Numbing Their Minds With While Stranded at Home?


Uh, to be more clear, we’re talking about things like Books! Podcasts! Games! Movies! TV! But, mainly movies and TV because, let’s get real.

Now, you might be eyeing that emergency Xanax and thinking about who else in your apartment you could kill and snuggle inside for warmth, but maybe we can all help each other out through this insanity?

Get out the wine, the last loaf of bread, and several lap cats, and let’s talk entertainment. We shall create our ultimate list of storm movies, books, and TV shows to hunker down with until our laptop batteries die. For those of us not in the eye of the storm, this is the perfect way to think of our friends with unfair weather. What can we send via Dropbox to our friends with a WiFi?

Here’s what we have so far:

  • Hard Rain
  • Perfect Storm
  • Twister
  • Day After Tomorrow
  • Daylight
  • Grease
  • Grease 2
  • Fuck it, anything with Michelle Pfeiffer
  • Anything starring Sandra Bullock, although Hope Floats is the most obvious
  • Inconvenient Truth
  • Ice Storm
  • White Squall
  • Goundhog Day (?)

Or, fuck it, just Golden Girls forever because it’s the best.

And, um, if you don’t have power and are reading this on your cell phone, just act these movies out by candlelight. Fun? (Sorry.)

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