What’s Up With Logan Paul’s Feathery, Princess Diana-Inspired Mullet?

This is a question frequently asked by folks on Reddit?

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What’s Up With Logan Paul’s Feathery, Princess Diana-Inspired Mullet?
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Were it not for Amanda Nunes once agreeing to beat his ass, I would have no idea who Jake Paul is, and I think my life would be the better for it. But since Jake and his brother Logan have decided to inject themselves into the world of boxing, I am becoming familiar with the inexplicably famous YouTubers as an entity, as more and more fighters casually comment that they would have no problem punching either Paul in the face. On Wednesday, though, it seemed the Pauls turned on each other, with Jake calling Logan a “fake boxer” in the lead-up to Jake’s bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr., an actual boxer. It was at this point it occurred to me that I now had to discern which Paul was which and why it mattered that they want to fight each other. I never got to the bottom of this, but I did discover that the elder Paul, Logan, isn’t just an obnoxious wannabe fighter and rapper—he’s also got a very specific haircut reminiscent of a certain famous English princess.

Apparently, this is a question frequently asked by folks on Reddit, where there are several pages of Redditors asking why Logan Paul looks like Princess Diana. One particularly funny post compares a photo of Logan to Princess Diana’s 1985 Vanity Fair cover.

Currently, Logan’s hair appears to be styled in what I believe is referred to as a “fashion mullet,” although I’d like to go on record as stating that a mullet never has and never will be fashionable. Yet the front portion of his mullet, the business section as it were, is styled with the signature Logan/Diana feathering.

It’s not exactly clear. when Logan began feathering his hair in this manner, although it is highly curious that on a trip to the UK in 2018, Logan took a photo in front of Buckingham Palace and his hair was not only not feathered, it was covered by a cap. Was this a fashion choice, or was he paying respect to the late Diana by not jocking her style in front of her former in-laws’ house? My instinct is that it was for fashion, as I have no reason to believe that Logan would have the self-awareness to respect someone else.

We can, however, say without a doubt that Logan was not born with this degree of feathering in his hair, thanks to a photo he posted from his youth where his hair is shiny, lifeless, and bowl-shaped, the way his mother and God intended. This photo also offers more insight into this investigation, as it is plain to see that Mother Paul also styled her hair in a similar fashion to Princess Diana’s hair circa 1997, although Mother Paul’s cut is much longer. So it’s fair to deduce that Logan’s hair may well be an homage to his mother rather than a royal.

Some of Logan’s earlier photos, like this one from 2015, suggest that he was not always a fan of such an extreme hair feathering but still required a little volume to get his desired look. Perhaps this is where the true answer to this history lies.

Before he was a wannabe boxer, Logan was just a simple YouTuber, doing stupid shit for clicks and revenue. But in a sea of white guys who look the same and post the same kind of frat-boy comedy content, he needed something to make himself stand out, and his short, Justin Bieber-adjacent haircut circa 2014 wasn’t cutting it. In what I believe is an attempt to be easier to identify in the stream of suggested YouTube videos, Logan obviously got a new haircut and ushered in the Age of Paul. It is still unclear, however, who cut his hair that way and why. Jezebel has reached out to Logan’s publicist for clarity on the situation but has yet to receive a response. Either way, Logan and his hair will be fighting against Floyd Mayweather Jr. on February 20, if you have any desire to see who this person is outside of YouTube.

(Updated 3/2/22 with new details)

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