What's Your 'I'm Safe Now' Activity When Flying?

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During a conversation with Vulture at this week’s Time 100 gala, Serial host Sarah Koenig revealed what she does at 30,000 feet to reduce her fear of flying.

I watch Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2 when I’m on an airplane, because I’m terrified of airplanes … Those are my ‘I’m safe now’ movies.

Basically what she’s saying is that flying makes her scared, Legally Blonde movies make her feel safe, and that Legally Blonde watchers just don’t get scared while flying. They just don’t!

My fear of flying is pretty limited to take-offs, so my “I’m safe now” move is to concentrate on a book as we accelerate down the runway and lift off. I don’t actually do any reading during this time — my brain is far too concerned with our plane reaching cruising altitude to pay attention to silly things like sentences — but staring at the book keeps my eyes off the disappearing tarmac and makes me seem like a fearless flyer. “Look at that guy,” I imagine passengers thinking about me. “He’s just reading a book, not impressed at all by the miracle of flight or scared of what could happen as we ascend.” Imagining I project an absence of fear helps me calm down, somehow.

How about you? What’s your signature “I’m safe now” move?

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