When Fitness Feels Futile


We’ve just learned that women should exercise an hour a day, seven days a week. Seems tough, but it’s easy! Just follow the lead of the ladies featured in today’s New York Times: Hire a trainer who makes house calls.

(Dudes, for you, there are manly programs being shilled by Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, as well as the knowledge that: “In society now, it’s not frowned upon when a man is mildly overweight, ” according to Arizona-based weight-loss doctor Craig Primack.)

Anyway, back to personal training: As Sarah Eckles writes,

Although it may sound like a luxury, training at home has grown more affordable since the economy soured because more instructors are willing to strike deals.

Actually, it sounds like a luxury, because it is a luxury! The article claims that personal trainers usually charge $75 to $225 an hour.

But let’s say you already work 10-12 hours a day (*cough*like I do*cough*), can’t afford a personal trainer (but thanks anyway, NY Times) and use any “extra” hour you can find for sleeping, working or, let’s face it, zoning out by watching Clean House. What are you supposed to do about the JAMA recommendation? And what about the zillions of other fitness initiatives, medical requirements, admonishments, chidings? Doesn’t it all just make us feel worse? Being stressed out about something that’s supposed to de-stress can’t possibly be the answer.

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