Where Are They Now? Valerie Plame Edition


We’ll soon be able to relive Dick Cheney’s vice presidency via an HBO biopic. The network is developing a film based on the book Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency and the Frontline documentary The Dark Side that will follow Cheney’s “single-minded pursuit of enhanced power for the Presidency (that) was unprecedented in the nation’s history.” The film will be written by Rick Cleveland of West Wing and Six Feet Under, and there’s no word on who may play Cheney (though Jon Stewart has been working on his impression for years).

There’s also news about the woman whose career Cheney allegedly helped destroy. Valerie Plame has announced that she’s working on a “new international suspense series” with author Sarah Lovett. Writing about being a spy is probably just as rewarding as actually being a spy.

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