Which Celeb Looked Most Lord of the Rings-y at Sean Parker's Wedding?


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Despite the horrible way that the media ruined the most special day of Justin Timberlake’s Sean Parker’s life, his wedding went on as planned and is now apparently in the running for “Wedding of the year?” (Yes, that is a question mark.) That’s according to Vanity Fair, who got the inside scoop on and has a ton of photos of the most magical, celebrity-filled, Lord of the Rings inspired wedding you’ve ever seen.

In case you don’t spend your time endlessly reading about the ways the rich and powerful choose to spend their money, Facebook billionaire Sean Parker recently held a controversial and expensive wedding in California that was devoted entirely to the love that he and his now wife Alexandra Lenas share of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and everything else related to the fantasy genre. They were so devoted to the theme that the costume designer from the actual LOTR movies was on hand to outfit all 364 attendees with personalized clothing that would be period/nerd appropriate. The question remains: which celebrity did Tolkien the most proud? As follows, a ranking of which guests would fit right in at any Comic Con, and which ones really needed to do some more homework.


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1. Allison Williams as The Lady Galadriel, an elf

Really rocking that tranquil face and slightly sticky-outy ears, Williams totally upstages boyfriend Ricky Van Veen in her play to win this wedding. In all fairness, bride Alexandra Lenas probably did this look better than Williams did, but she’s not on a hit TV show so she doesn’t count.

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2. Olivia Munn as Arwen Undómiel, an elf

Please note the strong and steady gaze that Munn projects in this snapshot from the wedding. Also the adorable rabbit she’s holding. Was it BYORabbit or were they available there?

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3. This dude from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros as Frodo, a Hobbit

While he doesn’t quite have Frodo’s intensity, it seems likely that with age and less time spent fighting for his life, Frodo would grow into a man with such a twinkle in his eye and a weird walking stick. Alex Ebert captures such an evolution with aplomb and a velvet suit.

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4. Lars Ulrich as either Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took, Hobbits

It’s either the hair or the general gone-to-seed quality of the Metallica drummer that really gives Ulrich a super Hobbit-y vibe.


1. Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter

Just looks like a well-lit GQ model wannabe.

2. Sean Lennon

If the theme was Alice in Wonderland, Sean would have been fine.

3. Kyle MacLachlan

It’s mostly just amazing that Trey MacDougal was invited to this wedding, but it would have been more amazing if he had actually committed fully to the theme.

4. Sting

Sting will always wear whatever the fuck he wants because he’s Sting but that doesn’t mean we can’t be cranky about it.

There are no photos available of what reporter David Kirkpatrick, a guest at the wedding who happens to also be a contributor to Vanity Fair, wore as an attendee, or what photographer Mark Seliger, who photographed the wedding for Parker and Lenas and is also, coincidentally, a Vanity Fair contributor, wore either.

Inside Sean Parker’s Wedding: The Planning Details, the Menu, the Decor, and the Favors [Vanity Fair]

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