Who Is the 'Editor'?

Who Is the 'Editor'?

I’ve been in media since 2013, working with various editors, for various publications, under various budgets. Every editor I’ve known has had a few important qualities in common, like a sense of vision and multitasking capabilities that I and my ADD-addled brain will never master. One thing they definitely didn’t have in common, however, was style.

I’ve had editors who look like they stepped out of an issue of Kinfolk, editors who look walking American Eagle ads, and editors who would consider wearing That Bodysuit. But this reality apparently doesn’t compute for the fashion industry, because according to them there are very specific staples that an editor wears. That’s why they literally name these clothing items The Editor.

But who the fuck is this Editor? Who is she? Why do we want to dress like her?

I don’t know who this chick is, but here’s what I do know.

1) She must have ample room around her ankles!

If you look up “editor pants” you’ll find a slew of what are essentially boot cut trousers or kick flare pants, almost always with a mid or low rise. For some reason, the last eight years of fashion never happened and editors do not care for high waisted pants! The more you know.

Top Shop sells a pair of Editor Jeans in six different washes:


Express currenly sells exactly 39 pairs of Editor Pants. Honestly, these just look like “I’m working in a business casual workspace” pants, but okay! Editor it is.


And here are a few descriptions from miscellaneous Express Editor Pants:

Always a cut above, our Editor offers uniquely sophisticated and versatile style. From a day full of meetings to a night full of fun, they help make every move smooth. The new waistband features more stretch for a better fit and wear-all-day comfort.
Dress for success. A slim, straight fit streamlines your silhouette, while a structured cut with Studio Stretch adds substance and comfort. Pair this flattering workwear staple with a Portofino and heels to move from desk to dinner with ease.
For a crisp, confident look you can take to the office, this low rise Editor pant gives you the room you need to stay comfortable all-day, while looking polished and stylish at the same time.

So stretchy, transitions from day to night. Is this spillover from a time when editors were thought to have very glamorous lives? Some do, sure, but a day full of meetings is usually followed by a night full of takeout and binging Love Island.

Express also sells a Columnist Pant. I’ve been a columnist before. Not sure if I see a connection!

2) Her shoes must be comfy.

Remember, this is a woman who goes from meetings to fun fun FUN at night.



So her shoes must be versatile. Enter Everlane with the Editor Slingback.


I mean, sure. Perhaps editors like wisps of material around their feet when walking through the streets of New York City.

And here’s her big sister, the Editor Heel:


It is literally a kitten heel pump! Sure, its day-to-night transition is clear, but its comfort level may be a little questionable.

3) Her purse must be spacious, but not too spacious.

Screenshot:Marc Jacobs/Nordstrom

The Marc Jacobs Editor Leather Tote’s description on Nordstrom’s website is, “This carefully edited bag features day-to-night appeal and a spacious, well-organized interior for those days when you’re taking little more than essentials.”

Okay, it’s cute. That’s all. I have no snark. I’m not an editor, but I would cop.

4) She must have straight hair????????

My colleague Hazel Cills said that she once saw Glamsquad promoting a hairstyle called “The Editor.” She describes the look as, “stick straight flat-ironed hair.” Sounds about white.


The Editor is a just a modern woman living in a hectic urban world, baby! She likes her pants stretchy but not too stretchy, professional but not too stuffy to forgo having some margs with the girls after work. Shoes must work for day and at night. She’s probably white! She wants enough room in her purse for her big ass wallet and a big ass book she’s not actually going to feel like reading on the train. She’s a modern Goldilocks, wanting the best of both worlds. And who wouldn’t want to be her? I mean, being her would require working in a tumultuous media landscape at a time when the industry doesn’t know what the fuck it wants to do with itself, but hey… at least her pants are stretchy!

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