Why Do Women Love Men Who Kill? • Teacher Fired For Premarital Sex


It is estimated that around 100 British women are emotionally involved with men on death row. Many of these relationships began after sentencing. According to the author of Women Who Love Men Who Kill, these relationships share some common traits:

All of the 36 women Sheila Isenberg interviewed for her book had a history of troubled relationships, and most report being “swept off their feet” by the romance of the situation. Some also just like the feeling of power that comes with working to overturn a conviction or shorten a sentence. • After revealing the ongoing media trend of ignoring women’s sports, researchers at Purdue University are arguing that this blindness may have detrimental effects on young girls. “We are really missing out on the opportunity to provide those positive role models to girls,” explained Cheryl Cooky, co-author of the study on gender in televised sports. • California lawmakers are looking to close a loophole in the law that currently allows spouses who attempt to hire a hit man to off their better half to collect financial rewards from the divorce proceedings. The bill was prompted by police detective John Pomroy, whose wife was convicted of attempted to hire a biker gang to murder him. After spending some time in prison, Mrs. Pomroy was released and able to collect $70,000 from their estate. • A Florida attorney was recently turned away from the Miami Federal Detention Center after her underwire bra set off the metal detectors. Even though Brittney Horstman reminded guards of the bra exception, she was not allowed to enter. She returned minutes later, after removing her bra in the bathroom. This time, she was turned away for indecent clothing. On the upside, Horstman has been named Above the Law’s “Lawyer of the Day,” and received several complimentary emails from colleagues impressed with her dedication to her clients. • A Muslim woman was driving in Southern France when cops pulled her over and doled out a 22 euro fine. Her transgression? She was reportedly driving erratically because of her niqab. They suggested she remove the veil while driving, and she was willing to comply. • In other driving news, the Queen of England was recently spotted driving without her seatbelt. Though there are pictures to prove it, she was not pulled over (and apparently, a reigning monarch cannot be found guilty of the crime, anyway). • A new documentary, The Kids Are All Right, follows several children who were conceived via sperm donor as they track down their biological dads and attempt to form some sort of relationship with them. Unsurprisingly, their emotions are complicated, and often contradictory, which is further reflected in a study of some 400+ adults, half of whom report feeling “disturbed” about the money-issues surrounding their birth. • A 50-year-old man from the UK has been accused of brutally assaulting his girlfriend on New Year’s Day before driving home to confess to his mother. Andrew Gaffney beat Maria Colaco, also 50, until she had “car-crash type injuries.” Soon after the beating, he returned to the apartment and called the police. Despite emergency care, Calaco died seven days later. • A 45-year-old Chinese man was killed on Sunday when he wandered through the open gate of a Siberian tiger enclosure at a wildlife park. The man was mauled to death, while his son, who entered the enclosure with him, was only slightly injured. • Undercover reporters from The Sunday Times, posing as billionaire conservationists, found that the governments of several small pro-whaling countries had been bribed (as many suspected) by the Japanese government. Japanese officials deny the allegations. • Former White House social secretary Desiree Rogers told reporters recently that she still doesn’t want to talk about the whole party-crashing scandal. She was willing to admit that her former colleagues do have “big, ugly stuff” to deal with. • A former elementary school teacher was fired from her position at the Southland Christian School in St. Cloud, Florida after the principal discovered that she must have had having premarital sex. Jarretta Hamilton says she was dismissed as soon as Jon Ennis lined up the dates of her daughter’s birth and her recent wedding. Hamilton also alleges that Ennis informed the entire staff – and parents – that she had been knocking boots before god said it was okay. • The Daily Beast recently interviewed California conservative Ted Olson and liberal David Boies about the ongoing debate surrounding gay marriage rights in the state. Interestingly, the two men have formed a partnership of sorts as they work to allow same-sex marriage from opposite sides of the ballot. They also sometimes get together and drink wine. • A disturbing new study indicates that newborns are up to 47% more likely to die from complications if they were born in a hospital at night. Researchers believe this is due to poor staff coverage during dark hours, though they also admit that general staff fatigue could be a contributing factor. • Are women being mistreated by their banks? A female dentist from New York believes so; she’s suing Chase bank for letting her husband know about her secret $800,000 account. And many women have reported being patronized or otherwise disrespected by bank employees. • A Gulf-based research group found that the vast majority of Arab women have internet access at home. Many women also belong to social networking sites and 66% report that they connect with friends online on a daily basis – with Facebook being the website of choice. “Everyone believes Arab women are not as interested in digital content as they are in reading magazines, but we discovered that the Internet plays an integral part of Arab women’s lives,” said Zoya Sakr, Managing Director of anaZahra.com. •

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