Why Is Charla Krupp's Horrid Bodysnarking Routine In Time?


We’re not surprised that Charla Krupp—author of How Not to Look Fat—wrote an article titled “Golden Globes Fashion: Five Who Looked Fat—5 Who Looked Fit and Fabulous.” But we’re shocked (and disappointed) that it was published by Time.

We’d expect such a piece to pop up in a tabloid, but even those publications typically use more delicate (albeit no less grating) language than “FAT.” Krupp ripped into stars that she found aesthetically unpleasing, damning Jennifer Lopez for daring to wear a color that has apparently been relegated to emaciated women, saying, “White is a fright on an ample derriere, or anyone who is not a size zero.”

First of all, my take on the women Krupp chose as examples of overweight horror—Heidi Klum, Christina Aguilera, Helena Bonham Carter—is that they are not fat. They just LOOK it, the mag notes. But even if they were fat, why should it fucking matter? Who cares? Krupp, evidently, who saved her most cutting commentary for Jennifer Love Hewitt, saying the actress, “looks big all over in this ivory Ramona Kevez number with the clamshell top, ill-fitting beaded belt and billowy bottom. Topping this high-calorie confection off with a skyscraper bun doesn’t help.”

If Krupp is so worried about looks, perhaps she can feel safe in the knowledge that—from where I’m sitting—her brain appears to be very thin.

Golden Globes Fashion: Five Who Looked Fat – 5 Who Looked Fit and Fabulous [Time]

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