Why Not Dump Someone With A Remarkably Hideous Card?


It’s probably fitting that cards designed to help you break up with your lover are sort of horrifying. Don’t love someone anymore? Say it with bizarro cubism and loud colors!

In the past, I’ve advocated the in-person breakup for relationships of any real duration, because breakups by e-mail, letter or (god forbid) text totally suck. But if you’re going to go the remote route, you might as well go big — which is what C-ya Cards do. Take this one:

Incredibly jarring visual image, coupled with blunt, uncompromising text — this card pretty much reproduces the feeling of getting dumped in paper form. Or how about this:

Thanks Greenface, now I’m going to have nightmares too. Some of the cards, though, are kind of funny:

Breakups can be such complicated psychodramas — there’s something refreshing about the idea of just saying, “this sucks, I quit.” Not to mention the idea that if a relationship feels like climbing a mountain all the time, it might be okay to throw in the towel. I’m still not sure either of these messages is best communicated by greeting card — but if you want to do so, you now know where to start.

C-ya Relationship Closure Cards [Official Site]

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