Why Walk Your Dog When You Can Hire a Drone to Do It Instead?


Tired of walking your dog every day? Don’t worry! There’s a drone for that!

Via Mashable:

One New York City-based videographer used a drone to walk his golden retriever, and the video of the whole thing is complete with a chill music background and playful shots of the pup. The dog seems unfazed by his robot master and generally happy to be outside.
Jeff Myers, the owner of the dog and the drone, used an AR done to walk the dog, according to PSFK. The drone appears to both monitor where the dog is walking, as well as checking in on the dog to make sure it’s okay.

I work nights. Every day I get up around 4 or 5 p.m. My dog is usually quietly sleeping at my feet, completely content from her 8 a.m. walk. When the alarm sounds, we both reluctantly get out of bed and drag ourselves outside for our ritual walk around the apartment complex. It’s the same thing every day: Me, pretending my hangover is just “issues with my old mattress” and her trying to act like she doesn’t regret that I’m the pathetic jerk who adopted her.

Neither one of us want to go outside. We don’t want to “walk.” We want to stay in our warm, comfy beds until the Universe is swallowed up by a superior species. But we “walk” because we have to (well at least she does, but I’m not judging her lack of toilet training skills). We are simpatico. We have the same pace, the same moods.

We’re not like our neighbors, the perky, bouncy Golden Retriever and Army helicopter pilot who do about 175 laps jogging around us while we try to wake our asses up and deal with the fact that this is a yet another goddamn day we have to exist in. My dog would hire an assassin to take me out if I dared try and run with her. Super Neighbor Man says “Hello!” as he swoops by us, in an awkwardly polite and chipper voice, but we both know what he really means is “CHRIST ARE YOU THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BECAUSE I WILL TAKE YOU DOWN WITH A NECK CHOP IF YOU EVEN LOOK AT ME FUNNY.”

Eventually we will drag our collectively sorry asses around the complex walkway at least once, before she gives me that look that says “Look. Let’s stop playing games and head back to the place with the air conditioning and food. Don’t pretend like either of us want to fucking be here.” Then we head back inside and she gorges herself on the Beggin’ Strips I guiltily dole out.

But despite all of that—despite how much I hate dragging my sorry ass out of my comfy bed to go watch a dog pee and poop just so I can have the distinct pleasure of picking it up and hand delivering it to the next available waste receptacle, never in a billion years would I ever dream of letting a drone walk my dog. NOPE. SORRY. Try again, technology. That’s my time with my babygirl, even though we both fucking hate it and sometimes I end up accidentally touching poo.

Better luck next time, Robot Overlords. This is one menial task I won’t let you conquer! #robotresistance

Image via Shutterstock.

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