Why Wasn't I Called to Model for This Assisted Living Home Calendar


To the senior citizens of Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living Home,

Hello. You may not know me, because I do not live in Ohio and am not the child or grandchild of a resident at your facility, but my name is Kate Dries. BuzzFeed and other outlets have brought it to my attention that you have released a calendar of some of your finest residents posing nude around their abodes in order to raise money for a charity that collects shoes and distributes them to children in need.

I don’t love being naked or semi-naked in public, but I appreciate the cause, your dedication to it, and the fact that even though you’re raising money for charity, your calendars are still a very reasonable $12 a piece.

While I am not entirely Irish, Ireland is a part of my heritage. More importantly, I enjoy sitting down in comfortable chairs and giving people skeptical looks.

No, I am not in my 80s or 90s, but I do go to the gym semi-regularly, and can hold a ball up.

And no, I do not have a name as cool as, for example, Wilma Purvis, Dottie Rutter or Regina Jeanette, but I do appreciate their shared verve for life:

It made all of us feel a little bit younger. You’re always doing things and it’s, “the old people, the old people.” Well this turned us into the young people and it was just a marvelous thing to do and raise money for such a wonderful fund.

In conclusion, those who live at the Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living Home, I really think you missed an opportunity to open your arms to a potential new resident. Think of me next year. I will be older then.


Kate Dries


Images via Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living Home

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