Wife of Man Kissed by Marathon-Running Woman Admires Her 'Spunk'


A woman named Barbara Tatge was “dared” by her daughter to “kiss a random, good looking man” while she ran this year’s Boston Marathon. And kiss, she did: planted right onto the lips of a married man.

Via the New York Post, the person supposedly getting the biggest kick out of it is the man’s wife, who took to her town newspaper to reply to Tatge. “For me, I’m not mad” she said—UH HUH—adding that the “spontaneous, silly moment in Wellesley [where the smooch went down] captured the fun, energy and spirit of the Boston Marathon.”

Tatge’s daughter took to social media in an attempt to find the mystery man, who, along with his wife, has decided to remain anonymous, even though his mug shot is plastered across the Internet at this point. He hasn’t offered any public response of his own, so we’ll settle for his probably-mad wife saying she’s definitely not mad, and that she admires Tatge’s “spunk and courage.” Sure thing!

Image via AP

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