Will Someone Please Consider Wendy Williams's Boobs in All of This

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Will Someone Please Consider Wendy Williams's Boobs in All of This
Wendy Williams Image: (Getty)

Wendy Williams, faux-cigarette smoker, literal shit talker, and self-described bon vivant (have we figured out if she’s figured out what that means yet?) is a woman with her finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the entertainment world. Or, at least, she’s a woman with her finger on the pulse of what she thinks about what’s going on in the entertainment world. And, if you’ve got a TV show, people are likely to believe that those are the exact same thing so, here we are.

This week, Williams talked to Dr. Oz about how covid-19 is affecting Hollywood and, as one might expect, the conversation eventually became about Williams herself and, by extension (or attachment?), her boobs. Or, to quote Williams more exactly, her “saggy boobs.”

“It’s just that, as a surgery girl,” Williams said to Dr. Oz, “when you save your money and you’ve been planning for years, and then you have your appointment and all of a sudden the corona pops up, and I got to deal with these saggy boobs.” Williams was referencing the pausing of elective surgeries in New York hospitals as they prepare to manage an influx of patients which has, apparently, pushed back the breast reduction she was planning on.

Oz, attempting to assuage Williams’s mammary malcontent, said he hoped “we’re eight weeks away from being through the worst of this,” and, well, same. If not only for Wendy’s boobs, then for the rest of us who might have other things on our minds.

Although, now that Williams mentions it, I am curious about how the suspension of elective surgeries in New York and elsewhere will impact other cosmetically inclined celebrities at the current moment. I’m sure many will not be impacted at all, as the rich and famous can usually find ways to circumvent the rules the rest of us are meant to follow (by being rich and famous), but I am interested to see if filler-free faces might become a more regular sighting as a result this summer. [Page Six]

Another day, another journalist waking up to find their hard-hitting reporting of essential information being shuttered by upper management. When, I wonder, will the censorship end?

In this case, probably when the reporter in question, Mason Disick, reaches an age where he’s old enough to not be in violation of his chosen platforms’ (Instagram and TikTok) terms and conditions, although he’s done his best to side-step the rules thus far.

Earlier this week, Mason broke the news on Instagram that his aunt, Kylie Jenner, was definitely not back together with her ex Travis Scott, only to find his account swiftly shut down not long after. Not one to be silenced, the eldest Disick child quickly relaunched his coverage over on TikTok, creating a second profile and going live once again to share some truly necessary updates.

Namely, his disappointment that he wouldn’t be attending Coachella this year because of covid-19, that he hadn’t seen his cousin Stormi “cause corona,” and, perhaps most importantly, that someone named Addison is a celebrity regardless of the fact that she might only be known on TikTok. I don’t really know what he means by that but by all means, go off Mason, let the people know.

Unfortunately, it looks like upper management (in this case his parents Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick) caught wind of his burner profile because it too was deleted. Kardashian previously shared on her own Instagram account that she’d been responsible for the shutdown of Mason’s Instagram, not knowing he’d created it in the first place. Personally, I can’t wait for all the little Kardashian-Disick-Jenner kids to come of age and start to really spill on what’s happening behind the scenes at their respective compounds. Until then, we just have to hope that they can continue to go live while their parents are busy filming extremely lackluster television. [Us Weekly]

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