Willow Smith Is Releasing an App Like 'Jaden Experience'

In their quest to be the most durable humans on the planet, the Smith kids are taking over—your world and your mind. They can do whatever they want, and right now they feel like creating apps. On Tuesday, Jaden Smith released a cool mobile app called Jaden Experience, on which he loaded his new free album, CTV2. Soon, it’ll be Willow’s turn.

App developer Phil Elias—co-founder of PointBurst and designer of Jaden Experience—spoke to Fader about creating apps with the Smith kids, which sounds like a cosmic experience. According to Elias, Jaden took a “very hands on” approach to designing the app, which makes complete sense. “Let’s just do. ‘Cause we can, you know?” said Jaden, probably. Fader reports:

It was Jaden’s idea, Elias said, to make it impossible to fast-forward or rewind songs on the app, so users must, “just sit back and enjoy the music.”
So far, PointBurst’s analytics numbers suggest fans are feeling it. “The interesting thing so far with Jaden’s [app] is the amount of time spent listening,” Elias said. “He’s getting amazing longevity of listeners.” PointBurst and Jaden’s collaboration may not yet be done. Elias said he and Jaden envision future iterations of the app with more features, like, “live video streams, behind-the-scenes clips, things to keep his fans more aware of what he’s doing.”

Indeed, Jaden’s album has already gotten iTunes customer reviews like this:

…Jaden created the perfect app to let the world know his Experience on life and all that he goes through. The life that he knows and the life that he will create. This is truly an Album for the youth who are already so involved into things that might not make them who they are, but only the pressure of their reality. They will feel this…I feel it…

Willow’s app will be similar, says Elias, but I’m sure it’ll come with its own special quirks. This is all great and inspiring, ain’t it.

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