Wilmer Valderrama Reportedly Visits Demi Lovato 'Constantly'


Demi Lovato is currently receiving treatment at a facility “renowned for its addiction programs,” and according to TMZ, Wilmer Valderrama has “put everything on hold” to be a “constant presence” over the past two months. Another optimistic sign about her recovery? They’ve been spotted out and about together at a local Starbucks.

In more Demi Lovato news, the singer’s mother Dianna De La Garza was interviewed on Newsmax TV (lol) and had nothing but positive things to say. De La Garza said Lovato is “doing really well,” adding:

“She’s happy, she’s healthy, she’s working on her sobriety and she’s getting the help she needs — and that in itself encourages me about her future, and the future of our family.”

I just want to hear good news about Demi.


Kim Zolciak got a breast reduction and is very happy about it. This is not news! It’s honestly barely even interesting. What is interesting, however, is that she gave the following statement to Us Weekly:

“I went smaller and Dr. [Leonard] Hochstein did them. He did my boobs four years ago and I loved them. I just wanted a cup size smaller. I’m in Miami recovering now. Feeling fab at 40!!”

Feeling fab at 40!!! Feeling fab at 40. FEELING FAB AT 40…..

[Us Weekly]

Here’s a headline:


  • I cannot believe Steve-O is still doing this. Honestly, I cannot believe that man is still alive. [TMZ]
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