Windsor Chapel Staff Is Watching Suits To Prepare for Royal Wedding; Meghan Markle Is Learning About Hostages


You probably have not heard that next May, Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. The event will be a who’s-who of British royalty and actors from Suits. The chapel’s Lay Stewards have been ordered to prepare by binge-watching their future princess’s show on Netflix.

The Daily Mail’s reports that the Lay Stewards are responsible for assisting at Sunday services and any special events, such as weddings or baptisms. If the Queen can’t find her pew or needs some gum or whatever, they’re there to help. Obviously, this is an important job, and their website states that the position is “rightly regarded as a considerable privilege” and so those appointed “strive to fulfil their duties in as exemplary a fashion as possible.” This includes knowing who Markle’s buds are:

Historian Hugo Vickers, who is Captain of the Lay Stewards, confirms: ‘I’ve told the Stewards to get Netflix and watch Suits, so they know who everyone is at the wedding.’

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Meghan is preparing for her big day too, by learning what to do in a hostage situation. That means learning “mastering micro-expressions, key words and other signals to let either her family or law enforcement know if she’s under duress from captors.” She’ll also be taught how to get out of restraints made from duct tape or zip ties. Everyone’s getting ready in their own way and it’s nice to see.

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