Windsors 'Saddened' to Learn of Their Own Racism

Windsors 'Saddened' to Learn of Their Own Racism
Image:Ben STANSALL (Getty Images)

As the world listened, shocked, to hear Meghan Markle and Prince Harry describe the racism within a family that got rich by going to non-white countries and simply taking all the money, no one was more shocked than the Windsors themselves, according to a statement.

On Tuesday, March 9, two days after the interview, Buckingham Palace released a statement explaining that the “whole family” is “saddened” at “how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan.” Additionally, the Palace says the “issues” discussed in the Oprah interview “are concerning” despite the fact that “recollections may vary.”

It’s weird how the royal family always seems to think singularly, like the Borg from Star Trek, in these blanket non-apologies—just everyone of a single mind, from the Queen right down to the corgis and the racehorses. However, when it comes to things like “knowing about Prince Andrew’s alleged involvement with the sex trafficking of minors” or a “years-long campaign to smear a biracial family member in the press while stripping biracial children of their titles,” communication really breaks down.

Perhaps when the crown wraps up its investigation of Meghan being snippy with staff, the palace and perhaps specifically the Royal Communications team could work on facilitating better conversations around which royals are racist bullies and which ones are allegedly groping young girls with sock puppets of themselves. The Jezebel staff looks forward to their journey of self-discovery.

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